Interfaith Virtual Concert

Here are the instructions for making video:

1. Hold the Phone or Camera HORIZONTALLY!

           -Video Screens are Horizontal, Humans see the world horizontally.

           -There are exceptions. Sometimes the design calls for verticals.

           2. Get Close to the Subject.  (Chest up, but not too close)

-Closer phone or camera Improves Sound Quality and Reduces extraneous background noise.

-Have someone hold the camera/phone if possible.

-Use a Microphone when possible.

3. Sun or indoor light should shine on the front or side of the subject.

-Subject’s Face should be the Brightest part of the image.

4. Center the subject.

5. Stick to the required timing.

6. Find a Good Background.

-Avoid overly bright backgrounds, sunny windows, etc.

-Avoid Messy, Ugly, or Noisy backgrounds.

-Avoid putting the subject’s back against or too close to a wall.